Nooney Controls Corp.

An industry with very specific needs, 
needs very specific experience. 

Bulk Gas and Cryogenics 

For the most part, bulk gas and cryogenics have primarily industrial uses. So while consumers may never fully appreciate or even see what companies in this category do, their importance to the world economy is unquestionable. Nooney Controls has worked with many bulk gas and cryogenic companies over the years. Customers in this industry have come to trust Nooney for our quality and experience.

The companies listed below are our trusted suppliers and sub-vendors when we work with customers in this sector.



Valtek offers their Mark Six cold box and Mark One cryogenic globe control valves in 1/2”- 12” sizes, class 150-1,500#ANSI with a full compliment of actuator and accessory controls options available. In addition, Valtek has 30 years of experience in gaseous noise reduction control valves, featuring the Megastream noise control valve. 


Sensiflo []

Sensiflo offers a full line low-flow, single and dual stage pressure regulators for gas and liquid applications, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” up to 7,200 psig. 316 SS, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium and chrome brass materials available.


Cashco []

Cashco offers pressure and back pressure regulators for cryogenic service, as well as small linear globe control valves.



Kitz offers a broad range of ball valves for steam, hydrocarbons & water. In addition they offer 150#-2,500# gate,globe and check valves in carbon, chrome and stainless steel materials.