Nooney Controls Corp.

Chemical companies help improve our way of life. We help them improve how they produce their products. 


The Chemical industry is critical to the world. Chemicals impact practically everything we use. And among those thousands of products, behind the scenes, Nooney Controls has helped many chemical companies improve our way of life. Being able to help the chemical industry impact our way of life is something we at Nooney pride ourselves in.

The following manufacturers are our partners when working in this very important business sector.



Valtek is an industry leader in high performance Industrial control valve technology. They have led the way for 35 years with the Mark One globe control valve, StarPac intelligent control valve system and most recently with the 3rd generation Logix 3200 IQ digital positioner. Valtek can handle any application from low pressure water to high pressure, high temperature gases, corrosive and abrasive slurries and everything in between!

Kammer Valves

Kammer Valves []

Kammer specializes in low flow, precision linear control valve and metal bellowseal technology. Features: metal bellows, low flow, cryogenic and tank bottom valves.


Cashco []

Cashco is a full line manufacturer of pressure regulators for industrial, commercial and sanitary applications. The also offer a  line of linear and rotary control valves and pneumatic controllers.



Kitz is a world leader in ball valve technology offering a broad range of industrial and commercial floating type ball valves. Available with Teflon and metal seats, NPT, weld or flanged ends, carbon steel or stainless steel. In addition, Kitz all offers industrial and commerial gate, globe and check valve in bronze, iron, steel and stainless steel.

Sinclair Collins K series

Sinclair Collins K series []

The Sinclair Collins K series offers a full line of 1/2” -2” utility service globe control valves in bronze and 316 SS materials, full and reduced trim sizes, diaphragm actuated, analog or digital positioner.

Westlock Controls

Westlock Controls []

Westlock Controls has been the leader of valve position monitoring for over 15 years. They have led the way with general purpose to intrinsically safe position switches for both linear and rotary valves and also offer a wide range of position feedback transmitters and valve positioners.