Nooney Controls Corp.

We generate customized valve solutions for the power generation industry.

Power Generation

The definition of “power” continues to change and mature. The news is filled with new modes of power that are more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and have the ability to reshape how we live in the future. Regardless of the energy source, the power needs to be harnessed, generated and transported. Meaning despite the power source, elaborate systems are needed. At Nooney Controls, we are proud of all the power generation clients that have employed us as their custom valve integrator. 

We’re proud to call the following manufacturers our partners in the power generation industry.



Valtek has a complete offering of control valves for a broad range of power plant applications for both Gas and Steam turbines; 

  • Steam pressure reducing and desuperheating
  • HP fe edwater control, severe cavitating service
  • Gas and liquid Fuel flow control
  • steam seal systems
  • steam and air Vent control and noise attenuation
  • DI water control 


Cashco []

Cashco is a full line manufacturer of pressure regulators for power industry applications;

  • steam atomizing regulators
  • steam pressure reducing
  • Nat. Gas regulators
  • precision pilot operated regulators
  • low flow, high pressure regulators 

Remote Control Inc.

Remote Control Inc. []

Remote Control US offers a full line of high quality quarter turn valve actuators

  • pneumatic 
  • electric quarter turn 
  • electro-hydraulic 

Torque output ranges from 50”/# to 500,000”/#. Many options to offer, such as integral manual overide, high temperature, hydraulic service and external corrosion modifications. A Large local inventory and excellent technical suopport! 



Kitz offers a broad range of ball valves for steam, hydrocarbons & water. In addition they offer 150#-2,500# gate,globe and check valves in carbon, chrome and stainless steel materials

KF Industries

KF Industries []

KF Industries specializes in Gas service ball valves from 1/2” - 36” , class 150# and up. Full and reduced port.

Bray® Flow-Tek® Series M4™

Bray® Flow-Tek® Series M4™ []

Bray® Flow-Tek® Series M4™ severe service ball valves are ideal for:

•conventional coal power generation
•combined cycle power generation
•Nuclear balance of plant applications
•Boiler drains
•Feedwater drains
•Header drains
•Turbine drains
•Above and below seat drains
•Superheater vents and drains
•Steam drum vents
•Sootblower isolation
•Bypass line isolation
•Economizer header drains
•Specialized applications including; power operated pressure relief valves, sky vents and special applications upon request.