Nooney Controls Corp.

If our client list is any indication, the Pulp and Paper industry is going strong in North America

Pulp and Paper

Since we’ve evolved into a customized valve system solution integrator, we’ve worked with companies like International Paper, Weyerhaeuser and Georgia Pacific. Each came to us with a uniquely different problem that needed a uniquely different solution. 

Following are the most significant manufacturers we use when creating Pulp and Paper customized valve system solutions.



Valtek offers a complete line of control valves specifically designed for pulp & paper applications. They offer the NAF Setball & Shearstream V-notched segmented ball control valves, the Maxflo 3 eccentric rotary control valve and the Mark One and FlowTop globe control valves. Valtek can handle any control valve application in the pulp mill, paper mill, powerhouse and treatment plant. Application such as;

  • Black & green liquors
  • white water
  • high and low consistancy stock
  • HP and LP steam
  • Lime and clay slurries
  • PCC
  • feedwater

…and more. 


Flowseal []

Flowseal offers a full range of high performance butterfly valves;

  • Teflon seated
  • fiersafe metal seated
  • Inconel metal seated
  • 2”-72”
  • 150# ANSI - 600# ANSI
  • Carbon steel and 316 SS 

Inline Industries

Inline Industries []

Inline specializes in competitively priced stainless steel ball valves. 

  • Teflon seated
  • 2-way, 3-way and 4 valve configurations
  • NPT, weld ends, tri-clamp and flanged connections

Remote Control Inc

Remote Control Inc []

Remote Control has been a worldwide leader in the supply of actuators designed and built in Sweden specifically for the Pulp & Paper industry. Rugged and of the highest quality.